The laws pertaining to motorcycle operation vary from state to state. In Ohio, motorcycle operators must wear eye protection unless they have a windscreen, are allowed to ride beside another motorcycle in a single lane, and are required to wear a helmet only if under the age of 18. To obtain a motorcycle license, the driver must pass a motorcycle written test and either complete the basic rider’s course or pass a skills test. A motorcycle driver may take every step possible to ensure they are operating their motorcycle within the limits of the law. Unfortunately, many other drivers on the roads don’t have the same courtesy.

When drivers fail to give motorcycles the same respect and courtesy that they give other drivers, it can lead to devastating results. Motorcycle accidents are often the most severe, causing traumatic brain injury and back problems that can last a lifetime. When an accident is caused by another driver, the motorcycle driver can benefit from having a motorcycle accident attorney on their side.

There are also times that you probably don’t need to hire an accident attorney, even if you have been injured. For instance, if you run into a tree or flip the bike over while riding off-road, no one is probably to blame but you!

If you are struck from behind while trying to make a turn, chances are that you were doing what was expected of you legally. However, the simple fact that motorcycles are smaller than other vehicles means that they are already at a greater risk of being struck by accident. Although the other driver may not have hit you intentionally, they are still at fault for the accident and for the injuries you have received. You have a personal injury and you need help filing a personal injury claim.

Consider the Severity of Your Injuries

Many more motorcycle accidents result in serious or fatal injuries than do cars. Still, simply having an accident is not enough to cause you to file a claim against the other driver. The problem with making the decision about what to do after a motorcycle accident is that you may have received injuries that don’t become apparent until weeks or months have passed. A motorcycle accident attorney in Dayton not only knows the laws that apply to motorcycles in Ohio, but he understands the types of injuries they often cause.

From the time that you are injured, you should be considering hiring an attorney to protect your rights. Many people do not realize until too late that there are statutes of limitation that prevent them from being able to file a claim after a certain period of time. In addition, medical records will need to be tracked that will help your lawyer prove your case in court. Like any legal case, evidence will need to be gathered that will prove the accident was the cause of your injury and that the other person is to blame. Only an experienced motorcycle accident attorney knows what to look for and the circumstances that mean the case is likely to go in your favor.

The Cost of Healing

Just as injuries to motorcycle riders are normally more severe than others, the medical bills for their treatment can easily reach exponential heights. At the same time, the person is trying to focus on getting better, they are trying to deal with the frustration of having no income to cover their basic living expenses, let alone pay for their new expenses. Injuries to the head or back could require extensive testing for diagnosis and ongoing treatments for an extended period of time. They may have to miss a significant amount of work or be unable to return at all. It is easy to see why the person who is involved in a motorcycle accident can easily become depressed, frustrated by circumstances that are out of their control. When their case is severe enough, they may take years to recover.

When Fatalities Occur

When a motorcycle accident is fatal, loved ones must learn to live with their loss. However, many people lose the person who provided them with a source of income, a personal injury attorney who is experienced at handling wrongful death cases may be able to help. In many ways, the process is still the same. Your motorcycle accident attorney will look at the evidence of who is to blame and whether the deceased was the victim of another person’s actions or negligence. If it is, you may be entitled to compensation for your pain and suffering, along with the money needed to compensate for their lost income.

How to Hire a Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Dayton

The fact is that there are many personal injury lawyers in Dayton and simply searching for one at random is the worst way to go about hiring one. The first thing to look for is an attorney who has a great deal of experience in handling cases similar to yours. Another important step is to look for an attorney with a good reputation in the Dayton area. Finally, look at their degree of education and qualifications to determine if they are educated and skilled in the areas that matter most to you. The lawyers at Attkisson Law Firm are qualified and ready to take on the legal system for you.

Never Take on the Insurance Companies Alone

People sometimes get the notion that they can negotiate a deal with the insurance companies on their own. Taking on the insurance companies without full knowledge of the laws that apply can result in losing a case that is of the utmost importance. Getting your claim approved after you have been improved will be the most important thing that will happen in your life. Make sure you have the right legal representation and take the best possible representation to have your case heard. To learn more about your options for compensation after a motorcycle accident, call Attkisson Law Group at 937-918-7555.