A car accident is never easy to endure, and the aftermath is even more challenging when you’re unsure what to expect. You may consider hiring a lawyer to help you get through the process. Still, far too often, misconceptions about lawyers prevent people from taking the necessary steps to protect their rights.

Before you hire a car accident lawyer, you need to know a few very important things. This knowledge helps you make decisions that are right for your situation and can give you peace of mind about your ability to pursue compensation moving forward.

Here are 7 things you should know about hiring a car accident lawyer:

  1. Having a lawyer on your side can yield more successful results

  2. Insurance companies don’t want you to hire a lawyer

  3. Most car accident lawyers work on contingency fees

  4. A car accident attorney can review papers before you sign anything

  5. Multiple factors go into determining the value of your claim

  6. You have a time limit to file a claim

  7. A lawyer may have the resources you need to succeed

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1. Having a Lawyer On Your Side Can Yield More Successful Results

You may feel like you can go through a car accident claim on your own, but you have a better chance at maximum compensation with a lawyer on your side. Having a lawyer protects you from the tactics that insurance companies use to deny or minimize claims.

2. Insurance Companies Don’t Want You to Hire a Lawyer

Insurance companies hope that you will try to file your claim alone. They look for a vulnerable situation to offer a low settlement. When you hire a lawyer, the insurance company knows that you level the playing field and safeguard your rights.

3. Most Car Accident Lawyers Work On Contingency Fees

You may not believe you have the finances to hire a lawyer. However, in many personal injury cases, lawyers work on contingency fees. With car accident cases and this type of agreement, you don’t pay anything unless your attorney wins on your behalf. Attorney fees come out of the settlement you recover.

4. A Car Accident Attorney Can Review Papers Before You Sign Anything

Insurance adjusters send numerous documents that they request you to sign. Before you do so, though, you have the right to have your lawyer review everything. A lawyer can help identify anything within the documents that impact your ability to obtain compensation.

5. Multiple Factors Go Into Determining the Value of Your Claim

Many people wonder how much they can recover before the claims-filing process even begins. The truth is it depends on the individual factors of your case. Your claim’s value is dependent on your injury’s severity, time missed from work, costs for medical care, property damage, pain and suffering, and more.

6. You Have a Time Limit to File a Claim

In car accident cases, you have two years from the accident to file a claim. There are very few exceptions in which you may file a claim after this period. If you don’t file a claim within the allotted time, you may forfeit your right to compensation.

7. A Lawyer May Have the Resources You Need to Succeed

Having a lawyer means gaining access to countless resources that can help you obtain the compensation you deserve. For instance, you can get medical experts, accident reconstructionists, and more resources on your side to help prove your case.

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