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What counts as distracted driving in Ohio?

Distracted driving is one the leading causes of accidents in Ohio and across the country. You may have noticed other drivers engaging in various types of dangerous behavior while behind the wheel, such as texting, looking at Facebook, streaming movies or inputting an address into a GPS program. You probably also noticed that these distracting behaviors can lead to dangerous driving, such as swerving and driving at erratic speeds.

Ohio recently took steps to make laws tougher on distracted drivers and to increase the penalties for people caught texting and driving. Now, drivers will face penalties associated with a moving violation, as well as a fine. However, instead of paying the additional fine, drivers can choose to take a course about safe driving. The intent of this course is to educate offenders about the dangers of any type of distracted driving.

Responsible ownership may prevent many dog bites

Children love dogs. For many children, saying the word "dog" and imitating its sound are among the earliest accomplishments of communication. However, living dogs are not the same as stuffed animals, and careful parents teach their children how to behave to avoid upsetting or aggravating a canine. Unfortunately, not every dog owner undertakes the same kind of training for his or her animals, and your child may have paid the terrible price for a dog owner's negligence.

Did you suffer a skull fracture in your accident?

Ohio residents involved in vehicle accidents may agree that everything happens so fast, yet in slow motion at the same time. Many people don't even realize what happened until the vehicles come to rest. Under these conditions, you may not even realize that you hit your head or that something hit your head.

You could believe that you walked away uninjured, but in the hours or days afterward, it begins to become clear that you did suffer some sort of head injury.

A headache may be deceptive when it comes to car crash injuries

Your day began as any other, but it certainly didn't end that way. When the other vehicle slammed into yours, it put an end to your "normal" days for a while. Considering what you went through, you probably didn't give a second thought to the fact that you had a headache.

It didn't begin until hours after the crash, so why would you worry? If you suffered head trauma, your head would've begun to hurt immediately, right? So, you took something to relieve the pain and tried to go on with your daily activities. The problem is that the pain never really went away. By the time you realized that there was more to this headache, your life may have been at risk.

Are you prepared to drive in winter weather?

Winter has returned to Ohio. Are you and your vehicle ready for it? If you are like other Ohio residents, when winter weather ends, you tend to put it out of your mind. You enjoy the warmer weather, dry roads and longer days. By the time winter rolls around again, you have to remind yourself how to drive in adverse conditions.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could just stay home every time the weather gets bad? Sure, it would, but your life probably doesn't allow you to, so you need to be prepared. Even if you keep an eye on the weather, the odds are that at some point this winter, you will be driving in less than ideal conditions.

A delay in symptoms doesn't make an injury any less painful

A motor vehicle accident can take place at any given moment, and even a minor accident runs the unfortunate risk of placing your safety at risk. If another car hits yours while you are out driving on Ohio roads, your first instinct may pertain to seeking medical care for any apparent injuries you might suffer in the process.

While some accident injuries may present immediate symptoms, others can be somewhat less apparent. Some injuries might not develop symptoms for several days after the collision, and unfortunately, similar health concerns can have severe consequences.

The first settlement offer after a crash will probably be too low

You've just been through a harrowing experience. Another vehicle slammed into yours, and you suffered serious injuries. As you lie in your hospital bed, an insurance adjuster either calls you or shows up to your room to take your statement. This may be the first clue as to how the process of receiving an insurance settlement may go.

First, when it comes to making that statement, you may want to put it off until you have a chance to speak with an attorney. The insurance company will use any statements you make against you when it comes to offering you a settlement. Sometime after you file your claim, the adjuster will more than likely offer you a settlement, probably before you even know how long it will take you to recover, what ongoing medical care you may need or whether the accident caused you permanent injuries.

Can aggressive driving put your life in danger?

Your client at work is demanding, your children are fighting in the backseat and another driver just cut you off. Stress is running high and your immediate inclination is to retaliate against the other driver, but should you?

Aggressive driving, and its more extreme cousin road rage, may seem justified in the moment, but it can easily cause an accident, injury or even death. What should all drivers know about aggressive driving?

Is Having A Dog In The Car A Distraction?

Unfortunately, most of us deal with distracted drivers daily. It could be someone who is texting while driving, talking on a cell phone, eating while behind the wheel, or even applying makeup in the lane next to you. These examples are obvious instances of distracted driving, but there are some you may not have even considered. One potentially dangerous situation is driving with a dog in the car.

Avoiding Left Turn Accidents on Motorcycles

Left turn accidents can be devastating for a motorcycle rider in Dayton, and the sad news is that many of these could be prevented simply by drivers being more aware of motorcycles. A left turn accident occurs when a car makes a left turn without properly gauging the safe conditions to do so. Especially since motorcycles can be more difficult to see, a motorcycle coming in the opposite direction could be put at a very high risk for an accident when a car going the opposite direction makes a left turn at an inappropriate time. 

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