After a car crash, you should notify the police and try to get an officer at the scene. The sooner you call the police and get an official report, the better your odds of recovering the damages you’re entitled to. Here’s why.

Your Best Evidence

An officer at the scene of the wreck will write a police report, an unbiased account of where the crash occurred and who was involved. This is, perhaps, the best evidence you can have after an accident because it starts the paper trail demonstrating that you were injured as a direct result of the crash.

While police presence is required at any crash where someone was seriously injured or killed, officers may not arrive for collisions where drivers are safe and there are no visible injuries. If law enforcement never comes, you can go to your local police department’s website and fill out the form online. However, you may need to physically deliver the report to the station.

Additional Testimony

While waiting for the police to arrive, try to identify nearby witnesses, either pedestrians, store owners, or people who pulled over after the crash. Ask if they’d be willing to stick around and provide a statement once the police arrive. Witness statements are especially valuable because they give an unbiased account of the crash.

Even if they can’t give their statement directly to the police, make an effort to get their phone number or email so your attorney can contact them in the future. Witness testimony can be invaluable in determining who was at fault for the wreck.

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