You probably know the dangers of texting and driving by now. You’ve seen the ads on TV warning you of the dangers of distracted driving and read the distracted driving horror stories in the news. While we all know that using our phones while driving is bad, we all do it from time to time whether it’s programming an address into the GPS, changing the playlist, or just sending that quick text.

Aside from the accident causing the potential of distracted driving, texting and driving can lead to a traffic citation. Did you know that a traffic citation can not only cost you money in fines but also raise your insurance? It’s true.

Zebra, an insurance-based search engine, conducted an eight-year nationwide survey on insurance costs. Across the country, texting and driving violations raised premiums by an average of $290 per year nationally. How long a traffic violation remains on your driving record depends on your insurance provider, but the violation typically remains on your record for two or three years. That’s nearly $1,000 over three years based on those numbers.

Texting and driving is more expensive than you think

If you’re insured in Ohio, you’re fortunate because the state has the sixth-lowest average insurance premiums in the country. Traffic violations like texting and driving not only cost you rising premiums and fines but count as points against your license. Once you reach 12 points against your license in Ohio, the Bureau of Motor Vehicles suspends your license for six months.

You’ve now paid the $100 fine for the traffic violation, paid more in insurance premiums, and then potentially pay to reinstate your license after suspension. Suddenly, the Facebook notification doesn’t seem worth hundreds of dollars.

Texting and driving are far more expensive than it appears and even one violation can cost you for years to come.