After being bitten by a dog there is a big decision if you should work everything out privately or if you should retain an attorney. The benefits and disadvantages of filing a claim can impact not only your relationship with the owner but the fate of the animal.

So, when looking for an attorney in Dayton Ohio to handle a dog bite, here are a few things to consider. When handling a dog bite injury privately you are running the risk of not getting the results you want. Without a lawyer, you may not see any payments for your hospital injuries. Any private matter could possibly lead nowhere without backing by a lawyer.

Instead of risking everything, there are a few steps you can take once you have hired a dog bite attorney in Dayton Ohio. By collecting evidence that will count towards your injury like any witness statements and hospital bills you can build a case.

Your next step is to hire an attorney that will work as you go between and help you figure out the compensation for your injuries. A lawyer is also going to help if you and the dog’s owner are acquainted by being the one to deliver your requests. With lawyers backing up your requests, you will be taken seriously.

If you decide you don’t want to take the case to court a lawyer could handle all of this with an informal settlement that can end with an agreement between both parties. Either way, it is smarter to have a dog bite attorney on your side.