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Seeking Justice for Injured Motorcyclists

When other drivers in Ohio put motorcyclists in harm's way, our experienced motorcycle accident lawyers are there, ready to seek justice for them. We're a well-known name in Dayton for a reason: We fight for our clients' best interests using decades of trial experience, a passion for justice, and a drive to do right by accident victims. If you think you can’t get compensation as an injured motorcyclist, let our legal team change your mind.

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We Know How Motorcycle Accidents Happen

When motorcycle accidents happen, it's not uncommon for people — including insurance adjusters — to automatically assume the rider was the negligent one. This stereotype of a reckless and aggressive biker is hard to shake, even if it isn't true for the vast majority motorcyclists in Dayton and elsewhere in Ohio. Wrongfully accusing riders of causing accidents they were involved in only hurts victims and takes the blame away from the other driver, who may be more at fault than the rider.

In many cases, motorcycle accidents are actually caused by:

  • Distracted drivers — including cellphone use, eating, and talking to other passengers
  • Failure to check blind spots
  • Failure to yield right of way
  • Failure to use signals when changing lanes
  • Sudden lane switching
  • Drifting into a nearby lane
  • Drunk or fatigued driving
  • Reckless driving and speeding

As the old saying goes, "Never judge a book by its cover." The same is true for motorcyclists who we believe should be assessed at-fault only based on the facts of the case, not by a stereotype. It's injustices like this bias that our attorneys fight back against when we stand up for accident victims.

We Know How to Collect Evidence

When a motorcycle accident occurs, there is a lot of physical evidence that needs to be collected for insurance purposes and to create a claim. If possible, photos should be taken at the scene. Be sure to have the phone’s timestamp activated to ensure the pictures can be easily verified and submitted as convincing evidence.

Your photographs should include:

  • Injuries suffered by all parties
  • Damage to all vehicles
  • Traffic around the scene
  • Weather conditions

Afterward, call our law firm at (937) 230-8330 and inform us about the photos you were able to collect. We can see which are usable for your case before exploring other options to get evidence. For example, we might be able to track down police reports about your accident or speak to eyewitnesses on your behalf.

Drivers Don’t Look for Riders

Research that goes back for more than 30 years shows that motorcycles are just not seen or that motorists are concentrating on bigger things on the road and completely miss the motorcycles in their view. In recent years, however, a more modern cause has emerged for distracted driving leading to motorcycle accidents: smartphone use.

It is estimated that in 2012 alone, there were over 3,000 people killed because of distraction-related crashes, including motorcycle accidents as well. Although, eating, drinking, fiddling with the radio, and talking to other people in the car have all contributed to the problem, cellphone usage and texting has been attributed to quite a few of these motorcycle accidents.

We Know How to Get Compensation for Your Injuries

Our lawyers know that motorcycle accidents can result in both minor and major injuries. The lack of protection provided by motorcycles puts riders at risk of suffering catastrophic injuries. The cost associated with motorcycle injuries can be overwhelming for victims.

We have a history of fighting for victims who have suffered a variety of injuries, including:

Some motorcycle accidents may result in the wrongful death of a motorcycle rider. We advocate just as strongly for families of victims as we do for victims themselves because we believe in the pursuit of just and fair compensation.

We Know How to Fight for You

While the freedom of riding a motorcycle can be exhilarating, most motorcyclists will tell you that they understand they are facing higher accident risks.

In the United States, the average for fatal automobile accidents is 13.10 fatal crashes per 100,000 vehicles. But when you are operating a motorcycle, suddenly that figure jumps to 72.34 per 100,000 vehicles according to the National Highway Transportation & Safety Administration.

Whether you drive a cruiser, a speedster, or a station wagon, there are a few things to keep in mind this summer to keep cars, motorcycles, and their drivers safe out there:

  • Wear protective gear. Drivers, make sure you are outfitted in a helmet and full riding gear that protects you in case of a fall. Make sure to include bright colors to help make you more visible to drivers.
  • Do not share lanes. Motorcyclists are often seen riding abreast of one another on long trips and while it looks like fun, safety experts advise against this practice as it cuts down space each driver has to correct any potential mistakes.
  • Leave enough room. This one is for drivers of both cars and motorcycles. Leave ample space in front of, behind, and next to other vehicles. Just because a motorcycle takes up less room on the highway does not mean that other drivers should use the extra space. Leave at least two car lengths' worth of space between your car and a motorcycle whenever possible, giving the motorcyclist plenty of space to respond to anything that happens in their lane.

Whether you were able to walk away from your motorcycle accident or are grieving the loss of a loved one killed in a collision with another vehicle, our Dayton motorcycle accident attorneys from The Attkisson Law Firm are ready to hold the negligent driver accountable for what has happened. Let us ease your burden by walking you through the process of filing a claim, negotiating a settlement, and getting your life back.