If you’ve just been in your first car crash, you probably have a lot of questions on your mind. Common knowledge says that you’re supposed to trade insurance information with the other driver after a crash, but how exactly do you do that? Our guide is here to explain.

Exchanging Information

After a crash, you’ll need to meet the other driver (unless your injuries or other circumstances prevent you from doing so). This can be a stressful experience as there’s no telling how they might react, especially if they think you caused the crash. No matter who was responsible, take slow, deep breaths to center yourself and stay calm. Don’t focus on the crash, just focus on exchanging information.

When you meet the other driver, make sure you get the following information from them:

  • Name

  • Driver’s license number

  • License plate number

  • Phone number and email

  • Insurance carrier

  • Insurance policy number

If the other driver was working at the time of the crash (such as if they’re a delivery driver, truck driver, etc.), you should also get the name of the company and their supervisor’s name and phone number if at all possible.

Verifying Information

Once you have the other driver’s information, you may want to verify its accuracy as this could potentially prevent an uninsured driver claim. Once you have the driver’s phone number, try to call or text them; you may even ask that they text you their information. If the call goes through, you’ll know that you have a means of reaching them in the future.

At the same time, you should try to get a police report whenever possible. After a crash, call for police presence. A police report verifies the information of everyone involved in the wreck. That report is a public record, making it easier for your attorney to confirm the facts of the case and contact the other driver’s insurance company.

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