If you are a motorcycle driver in Dayton, you probably already know that bad weather conditions such as rain, snow, extreme winds, and hail can affect your ability to ride, unfortunately, this could end up in an accident.

A recent report conducted by the National Highway Traffic Administration found out that people who ride motorcycles are 35 times more likely to suffer an accident than those who drive cars. If you add the factor of inclement weather to the already dangerous riding conditions, you can identify a recipe for disaster.

Driving in bad weather brings a new challenge to a rider, who must adapt his driving style and take the necessary steps to protect himself against the elements. Generally speaking, there are three factors involved in a motorcycle accident that has been caused by bad weather, such as the winter weather in Dayton and these are speed, following distance and surface, and when riders fail to adapt to changes in any of these three factors, that is when accidents happen.

Riding in thunderstorms is extremely frowned upon in the biker community due to the high risk of being struck by lightning or knocked unconscious while riding which could quickly turn ugly. Other situations to avoid are snow, ice, hail, and strong winds which make it extremely difficult even for the most experienced riders to control their vehicle. If you are injured in a motorcycle accident that was caused due to bad weather, make sure you contact a lawyer that understands the needs and risk of being a motorcycle driver as insurance companies tend to have a very strong bias against bikers, so finding a motorcycle accident attorney that will personally work on your case can help you win that settlement you deserve.