Left-turn accidents can be devastating for a motorcycle rider in Dayton, and the sad news is that many of these could be prevented simply by drivers being more aware of motorcycles. A left turn accident occurs when a car makes a left turn without properly gauging the safe conditions to do so. Especially since motorcycles can be more difficult to see, a motorcycle coming in the opposite direction could be put at very high risk for an accident when a car going the opposite direction makes a left turn at an inappropriate time.

For the most part, traffic accidents that are caused by a car turning left in front of you while you are riding a motorcycle can cause critical injuries or even fatalities. Depending on the speed of the car making the turn, a motorcycle rider could hit that car at a very high rate of speed.

More often than not, the left-hand turning vehicle is found at fault in this kind of accident. A negligent driver can be required to compensate you for your injuries because the law requires that a driver making a left-hand turn yields to all incoming traffic. Each motorcycle accident case is unique and should be evaluated by an experienced attorney.

In the aftermath of a motorcycle accident, it can feel overwhelming to suddenly have to cope with a wide range of injuries, some more serious than others. Having to miss time at work and focus primarily on recovery becomes all the more difficult when you are no longer able to enjoy everyday activities because of the severity of your injuries. In left turn accidents where a driver doesn’t have the right-of-way but hits a motorcycle rider, the victim may be entitled to compensation in court.