While our last blog discussed the steps you should take after a car accident, it’s crucial for you to recognize that there are some things you should avoid. Unfortunately, while you trust that an insurance company will help you in your time of need, these are large companies with a focus on profit. Because of this, they’re looking for any mistakes you make to use against your claim.

Below, we’ll detail things you should avoid doing as they can negatively impact your ability to get the results you need.

Don’t Apologize

It may be natural to be empathetic to someone else in such a devastating situation, but know that what you say can hurt your claim. Even out of context, if you apologize after an accident, this type of statement can be used by the insurance company to deny your claim. Unfortunately, your kindness may be used against you in this situation.

Don’t Post to Social Media

Even if you feel as though your social media profiles are private, insurance companies have ways to investigate your activity. The things you post on social media can have an impact on your ability to pursue compensation. For instance, if you post a photo of you partaking in an activity, an insurance adjuster may try to claim you are not injured based on those images.

Don’t Talk to an Insurance Adjuster Alone

Insurance adjusters hope that you’re not aware of your rights and that you’ll believe anything they say. If you don’t have legal counsel, they’ll often try to take advantage of this vulnerable situation. Make sure you have someone on your side who can explain what’s happening and determine what your rights are in your claim.

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