Dayton, OH
“Excellent Experience”
“I am pleased to say that I had an excellent experience with The Attkisson Law Firm. I am a young guy that was involved in a car accident that was not my fault. I originally went with one of Attkisson's competition in terms of me being represented and it was a complete disaster. They took forever, bungled the entire case, and got me sent to collections which led to 50+ emails and dozens of hours of stress/labor on my part trying to fix it. After moving over to Attkisson it took me ~4 emails and one 30-minute meeting with Kevin for them to get the ball rolling in terms of my case and cleaning up the disaster the last law firm had caused. I am pleased to report that in less than 2 months the Attkisson law firm was able to get me an acceptable settlement offer from an Insurance company and that I walked out yesterday check in-hand literally on the 60-day mark. This is compared to the first firm, which took 10 months of miscommunications, errors, and problems. I would HIGHLY recommend this firm and I will be sending my sister who was also involved in a car accident that was not her fault her as well. 5/5 stars.”