Pedestrian Accidents

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We Help Pedestrians & Bicyclists After an Accident

Ohio law requires cars, trucks, and other motor vehicles to share the road with pedestrians. While Dayton and surrounding areas feature many pedestrian-friendly sidewalks, pathways, and crosswalks, accidents can happen that cause serious injuries to pedestrians.

The Attkisson Law Firm is committed to fighting for justice for accident victims. With more than 40 years of combined experience, our attorneys understand how catastrophic accidents between pedestrians and motor vehicles can be. When you suffer a serious or permanent injury, you need serious representation on your side.

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Pedestrians are Continually at Risk on Ohio Roads

Common causes of pedestrian-vehicle accidents include:

  • Poorly marked or timed crosswalks
  • Failure of vehicles to yield or check blind spots
  • Lack of sidewalks or safe walking areas
  • Impaired, distracted, or fatigued drivers
  • Drivers disregarding current weather conditions

When a vehicle strikes a pedestrian, the latter is often blamed for the accident. Pointing a finger at the pedestrian is an insurance company trick that alleges pedestrians should always be paying attention to traffic and should be able to nimbly get out of the way of an approaching vehicle. In the law, the opposite is true: Drivers need to pay close attention to pedestrians and do whatever they can to avoid hitting them.

Seeking Justice While Prioritizing Your Recovery

An accident with a motor vehicle can cause injuries, including broken bones, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injury (TBI), internal bleeding, and more. While you prioritize your recovery efforts, we will pursue your rights.

We will assist with filing an insurance claim, investigating the cause of the accident, and seeking the maximum amount of damages possible. We will hold all negligent or reckless parties responsible, including the driver or even third parties, such as city or state governments, when applicable.

We know how insurers approach these cases and the tactics they employ to pay you less than you are due. We will gather medical records, police reports, witness accounts, and any other documents or reports possible to assert your rights to the full amount of compensation possible.

We Will Fight for You

Our Dayton pedestrian accident lawyers will hit back at insurance companies and negligent parties to enable you to move forward after a serious accident. Do not wait to get legal leaders on your side. Call us at (937) 230-8330 to learn more about your rights as an injured pedestrian and the legal services we might be able to offer you.