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The liability laws surrounding dogs and dog bites are more complex and nuanced than many people may expect, especially here in Ohio. Our state has several unique laws that govern the behavior of dogs, placing a certain number of legal requirements on pet owners.

If an owner fails to live up to those requirements, they may be found liable if their dog bites another person. Also, the owner of a dog can be held strictly liable for injuries caused, meaning they can be sued by a dog attack victim even if they had no reason to think their dog would attack someone.

You have legal rights after a dog attack. Make sure you're getting the compensation you need and deserve with help from The Attkisson Law Firm and our Dayton dog bite lawyers.

Dog Bite Injuries Can Be Serious — Even Catastrophic

Dog bites are often quite serious. In many cases, the dog breaks the skin, leaving long cuts that often require stitches. In more vicious attacks, a dog's teeth can tear muscle and even break bones, resulting in catastrophic injuries that require extensive surgeries to treat the patient. In the end, dog bite injuries often lead to permanent scarring and disfigurement.

Significant medical bills are not uncommon and can place a financial strain on the victim. With the assistance of a lawyer, however, many dog bite victims can recover compensation for their medical bills, lost wages, and physical and emotional anguish.

An insurer may not see your injuries as being as serious as we do, which is why you should contact our firm as soon as you can but especially after an insurance company reaches out to you. We can look over a settlement offer to determine if it's fair or not.

What to Do If Your Child is Bitten by a Dog

Although dog bites and animal attacks always have the potential to cause serious injuries, young children are particularly susceptible to injury in a dog attack. As a parent, it is important to know what to do ahead of time in case your child is ever bitten by a dog.

If your child is bitten by a dog, then you should remember these steps:

  • Get your child to safety: If a dog is continually attacking your child, then you should attempt to scare away the dog by appearing larger and standing your ground. If a dog bites your child and does not let go, then you should not try to yank the child free of its bite. Doing so could worsen the injury. Call for help from any bystanders.
  • Assess your child’s injuries: When the dog is separated from your child and you are both in a safe location, assess your child’s injuries. Some bites cause minimal harm even though the attack looked vicious. Basic first aid techniques like disinfecting the wound and applying a bandage could be all the care your child needs.
  • Seek medical attention for serious injuries: You should take your child to urgent care or call 911 if they are seriously injured by the dog bite. Severe dog bites will cause deep lacerations, bleeding that doesn’t stop within 15 minutes, break bones, and/or damage tendons and nerves. You should also seek medical attention for your child if your child was bitten on the head, face, neck, hands, or feet, or if they have not had a rabies or tetanus shot.
  • Reassure your child: After your child has been treated for their injuries, they will probably require reassurance about what happened and about dogs in general. Psychological trauma can follow an animal attack, so you may wish to reassure your child that it was an isolated, rare incident and that most dogs would never attack someone unprovoked.

Holding Dog Owners Responsible for Their Negligence

A dog does not even have to bite to cause injury. If a dog lunges at you and you fall while trying to evade it, the animal's owner could be found liable for injuries sustained in the fall. The Attkisson Law Firm can carefully investigate all the circumstances of a dog attack to determine which parties were liable in the incident and why.

In some situations, liability is not as straightforward as one might imagine. For example, when a renter owns a pit bull but does not have insurance for it, the building administrator may be partially responsible for any injuries caused by the animal. It is a circumstance related to premises liability, in which the building owner was aware of a potentially hazardous situation and did not do enough to put a stop to it.

It is important to determine under what circumstances the bite took place. Communicating the occurrence accurately and in a detailed manner to your attorney is vital to presenting your case. However, if the dog was not appropriately chained fenced or, seemingly uncared for, further investigation should take place. Details are very important in putting together cases like this.

You May Be Owed Compensation — Learn More

At The Attkisson Law Firm, we don't believe accident victims should have to bear the financial burden after an animal or dog attack. If a property owner was negligent, then compensation can and should be sought in the name of justice.

If you or a loved one suffered a serious injury because of a vicious dog or any other animal, our attorneys can help you take the steps necessary to recover full and fair compensation. To get in touch today, contact our office in Dayton to schedule a free consultation at our main office or any of our satellite locations. You can also dial (937) 230-8330 and speak with us directly if you prefer.