Commercial truck crashes in Ohio occur for a variety of reasons. The driver, trucking company, mechanic or parts manufacturer could all make mistakes that result in serious accidents. In an effort to improve safety measures, researchers have identified the five leading causes of truck accidents.

Errors made by truck drivers contribute to 22% of commercial vehicle crashes. Drowsiness, intoxication, distraction, or outright recklessness lead to truck driver mistakes. Even when truckers perform at their best, poor vehicle maintenance might undermine their safety goals. Accident investigations sometimes place the blame for crashes on trucking companies and mechanics who ignored necessary maintenance. Equipment failure resulting from poorly manufactured truck parts could sabotage a truck’s ability to steer or brake effectively as well.

Human errors or ignorance during the loading and securing of cargo could result in unpredictable events on the road. Any failure to observe cargo loading rules regarding weight, size, or restraint methods might represent negligence in the event of an accident. Bad weather also creates challenging conditions. Drivers who do not reduce their speed to compensate for wet, icy, or windy conditions could end up in crashes.

Big rigs can outweigh passenger vehicles by as much as 76,000 pounds. When they hit the smaller vehicles, catastrophic injuries and fatalities are not uncommon. Before interacting with an insurance company, a seriously injured person might want legal information. An attorney who represents victims of truck accidents could identify the responsible parties and inform the person about available insurance coverage. Services from an attorney could include totaling current and future medical expenses and hiring an accident reconstruction specialist. The independent investigation might reveal evidence of negligence that supports the pursuit of damages. Legal support could help a person evaluate an insurance settlement offer or prepare a case for litigation.

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