Over the past two years, a number of roundabouts have appeared around Dayton, and more may be on the way. While roundabouts are supposed to relieve traffic congestion and make intersections safer, many drivers hesitate or have anxiety when they pull up to the white line. That’s why we put together this guide explaining how to use a roundabout so you can proceed through the intersection and avoid a potential crash!

Roundabout Technique

Roundabouts always run counter-clockwise, meaning that you’ll always enter it by veering to the right. If there’s no car coming, you can usually continue without stopping. That’s because roundabouts typically have a yield sign, not a stop sign.

Coming to a complete stop at a roundabout with a yield sign defeats the purpose. That effectively treats the intersection as a four-way stop. Instead of stopping, scan the intersection as you approach and then plan accordingly.

While most roundabouts have a yield, a few may have signs instructing drivers to stop if pedestrians are at the intersection. If you see a pedestrian waiting to cross, grant them the right of way.

The Inner Ring

Some larger roundabouts have an inner ring. This is one of the top causes of confusion for many drivers because they don’t know what it’s for, or they’re afraid of getting stuck in the center.

The inner ring is for larger roundabouts or those with more than four exits. At these intersections, the outer ring is used for immediate turns, like if you were to make a right. The inner ring is for longer distances, like drivers traveling straight or to the left. While these types of roundabouts are fairly uncommon in Ohio, it is still good to know how to navigate them.

Remember, roundabouts are supposed to make driving easier. The next time you approach one, remember to have a plan and know which exit you’re taking. Yield to oncoming traffic and then continue on!

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