There are many warning signs that can indicate a dog is becoming aggressive. While not every sign will always mean a dog is going to attack, it is important to be aware of these behaviors so that you can take steps to avoid an incident. Some of the most common warning signs of aggression include:

  • Direct eye contact – A dog who is becoming aggressive will often stare down its target, whether that’s another animal or a person
  • Stiff body posture – Dogs who are uncomfortable or feeling threatened will often stand tall and rigid, with their hackles raised
  • Lip licking or yawning – Dogs may do this as a way to show submission, but if it’s done in conjunction with other signs, it could be a warning sign
  • Growling – This is perhaps the clearest warning sign that a dog is about to attack
  • Baring teeth – When a dog pulls back its lips to reveal its teeth, it’s often a sign that it’s preparing to bite

If you see any of these warning signs in your dog, it’s important to take steps to correct the behavior. This may include seeking professional help from a qualified trainer or veterinarian. It’s also important to remember that not all aggressive dogs are bad. Many times, an aggressive dog will only become hostile in certain situations or around certain people or animals. With proper training and supervision, most aggressive dogs can be curbed.

How Dangerous Can an Aggressive Dog Be?

An aggressive dog can be very dangerous, both to the people around it and to the dog itself. In many cases, an aggressive dog will attack without warning, leading to serious injuries for both the victim and the dog. In extreme cases, an aggressive dog may even kill someone.

If you have an aggressive dog, it’s important to take steps to protect yourself, your family, and your friends. This may include keeping the dog muzzled when out in public, using a restraining device such as a leash or chain, or keeping the dog in a secure area away from people and other animals. It’s also important to contact a lawyer if you have been injured by an aggressive dog. A qualified personal injury attorney can help you if you’ve suffered a dog bite.

How Can You Reduce Aggression in a Dog?

There are many things you can do to reduce aggression in a dog. Some of the most common methods include:

  • Positive reinforcement – This involves rewarding good behavior with treats or praise and can be very effective in training a dog
  • Neutralization – If your dog is aggressive around certain animals or people, you may need to take steps to neutralize those stimuli. For example, if your dog is aggressive towards other dogs, you may need to keep it away from other dogs
  • Training and supervision – A qualified trainer can help you correct any aggressive behaviors in your dog, and it’s important to always supervise your dog when it’s around people or animals

What Should I Do About My Dog Bite Injury?

If you’ve been injured by an aggressive dog, it’s important to seek medical help and to contact a personal injury lawyer. A lawyer can help you file a lawsuit against the owner of the dog and may be able to help you obtain compensation for your injuries. Contact our law firm today at 937-918-7555 to get the legal help you deserve.