Injured In A Car Accident? The Attkisson Law Firm, LLC, Can Help

When an Ohio driver gets behind the wheel of a car, he or she takes on a certain amount of responsibility for the safety of the other drivers on the road. Everyone must drive safely and within the laws of the road. Any failure to uphold this responsibility could result in an accident, and the injuries that come with it.

While many motor vehicle accidents are minor fender benders, some can be extremely serious and result in life-altering injuries. Whether the accident was minor or major, though, any type of accident can result in injuries that can lead to costly medical bills, lost wages because of time away from work, and a lifetime of pain and discomfort.

You need someone you can turn to who knows how much you need and how to get it. You need attorneys Kevin Attkisson. Matthew Jewson and Justin McMullen from The Attkisson Law Firm, LLC.

Minor Accidents Can Lead To Major Injuries

Injuries from minor accidents are often all the more difficult to deal with in the months that follow. Even a low-speed, rear-end accident can have serious health consequences such as lower back pain or whiplash injuries. Unfortunately, since these injuries are not outwardly visible, victims often have difficulty proving the severity of their pain and discomfort to a jury. Insurance companies know this, and take advantage of the fact to offer far lower settlements.

At The Attkisson Law Firm, LLC, we know how to effectively document your injuries for trial, including difficult-to-prove injuries. We also know how to counter claims that a victim's injuries were pre-existing — another common tactic used by insurance companies — to ensure maximum compensation for a victim.

We Handle Devastation With Care And Tact

Another driver's gross negligence is all it takes to change a person — or a family's — life forever. Drunk driving, distracted driving, texting and driving, and fatigued driving are all examples of negligence that can result in serious or even fatal accidents.

Accident such as truck crashes, pedestrian accidents, bicycle accidents and motorcycle accidents are among many types of accidents that are known for causing victims to suffer catastrophic injuries as well as wrongful death.

Attorney Kevin Attkisson, Matthew Jewson and Justin McMullen know the emotional anguish you're going through, and we want to help ease your burden. We will treat you with respect and show you our deepest level of compassion while we walk you through the process of recovering what you need and deserve.

Put Our Experience In The Courtroom To Work For You

Kevin Attkisson has achieved favorable results in thousands of personal injury cases over the course of their careers. Throughout his 20-year career, Mr. Attkisson has also taken nearly 100 cases to trial. This experience means the insurance companies know who this firm is and that we are not afraid to make our case in front of a jury if necessary.

If you were involved in a car accident in Dayton or any surrounding communities in Ohio, turn to The Attkisson Law Firm, LLC for help from beginning to end. To take advantage of an initial free consultation, call 937-802-0354 or contact us online. You may meet with us at any of our satellite offices throughout Ohio by making an appointment.