Dog Bites

Legal Assistance For Serious Dog Bites – Dog Bite Injury Attorney Warren County

The laws surrounding dogs and dog bites are more complex and nuanced than many people may expect, especially here in Ohio. Our state has a number of unique laws that govern the behavior of dogs, placing a certain number of legal requirements on pet owners. If an owner fails to live up to those requirements, he or she may be found liable if his or her dog bites another person. Also, the owner, keeper or harborer of a dog can be held strictly liable for injuries caused.

Dog bites are often quite serious. In many cases, the dog breaks the skin, leaving long cuts that lead to permanent scarring. Because the disfigurement is often permanent, it comes with significant medical bills that can place a financial strain on the victim. With the assistance of a lawyer, many of these victims will be able to recover compensation for these medical bills, as well as for physical and emotional anguish.

A dog does not even have to bite to cause injury. If a dog lunges at you and you fall while trying to evade it, the animal’s owner could be found liable for injuries sustained in the fall.  At The Attkisson Law Firm, LLC of Warren County, we carefully investigate all the circumstances of a dog attack to determine which parties were liable in the incident, and why.

In some situations, liability is not as straightforward as one might imagine. For example, when a renter owns a pit bull, but does not have insurance for it, the building administrator may be partially responsible for the situation. It is a circumstance related to premises liability, in which the building owner was aware of a potentially hazardous situation and did not do enough to put a stop to it.