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An accident with a commercial truck can cause catastrophic injuries. Due to the immense size and power of 18-wheelers, a collision with a smaller passenger vehicle can change a life in an instant.

At The Attkisson Law Firm, our Dayton truck accident lawyers understand the dangers posed by commercial trucks, and the potential for life-altering injuries to occur. Regardless of the size of your own vehicle, a collision with a semi-truck is likely to result in catastrophic injuries. You should not be the one who has to bear the cost of the related damages if you did not cause your crash.

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Dangers Inherent to Commercial Trucks

The size, shape, and weight of most semi-trucks make them particularly hazardous to other motorists. Large semi-trucks, including 18-wheelers, leave truck drivers with large blind spots that can easily conceal smaller vehicles like passenger vehicles and motorcycles.

A truck's weight and size create another danger: serious rear-end collisions. Fully loaded semi-trucks require extremely long stopping distances. If a truck driver must brake quickly, it is possible they will not be able to stop in time, causing a fatal collision.

We have experience conveying the pain and suffering to a jury that may have been caused by:

  • Driver fatigue: Truck drivers can have unrealistic schedules packed with deadlines that can contribute to many consecutive hours on the road.
  • Driver intoxication: While driving under the influence is extremely dangerous for any driver, intoxicated truck drivers can pose serious dangers to others on the road.
  • Driver inattention: Distracted driving can be even more dangerous when operating a large commercial vehicle.
  • Inadequate driver training: Truck drivers are required to undergo extensive training efforts. Inadequate training can result in risky, dangerous driving.
  • Truck maintenance and part failure: Multiple parties may be liable for an accident when poor maintenance, improper loading, or more cause an accident.
  • Speeding: Truck speeding is particularly dangerous when it is far more challenging for truckers to react swiftly to stopped or slowed traffic ahead.
  • Driver or company negligence: As with other motor vehicle accidents, negligent behavior can be the root cause of a crash with another vehicle.

How Much Does a Truck Accident Lawyer Cost?

We work on a contingency fee basis, which means we don't get paid unless you do. and your initial consultation is free.

Do I Need a Lawyer To Help Me After My Truck Accident?

Absolutely. An accident that involves a semi truck can very easily get tricky because it involves the truck driver and the trucking company that the truck driver is associated with. Trucking companies typically have their own insurance company, so fighting for fair compensation as a truck accident victim can be a difficult road, but one that our experienced Dayton truck accident lawyers can handle for you while you focus on recovering.

Can I Sue the Truck Driver’s Company for My Injuries?

Depending on the nature of the accident, you may be able to sue the trucking company as well as the driver. Typically a trucking company is legally responsible for their drivers but some drivers are hired as independent contractors, releasing the truck company from liability. Our firm can help you determine how much liability the trucking company has for your injuries.

Well-Versed in Trucking Accident Lawsuits

Every trucking accident is different, and the injuries that correspond with these accidents vary in the range of severity. Whether your injury is minor or major, we can help you pursue compensation.

Common tractor-trailer accidents injuries include:

Catastrophic injuries can place a burden on families as the associated costs pile up over time. The potential cost of hospital bills, rehabilitation, medical care, and lost wages due to these injuries should be taken into consideration when seeking compensation.

Need to know if your settlement is fair? We can review the settlement offer made by the trucking company's insurance company to determine if the full extent of your financial burden is being addressed.

Aggressive with Insurance Companies

At The Attkisson Law Firm, we are known as being heavy hitters in personal injury cases. We have a history of advocating for victims against insurance companies. We know the tactics insurance companies use to lowball settlement offers to victims. We will fight for the settlement you deserve so that you can focus on your recovery.

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