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Spine injuries result when a person’s back is subjected to intense pressure and physical force. These injuries can happen accidentally, but often, the cause of a spine injury is another person’s negligence.

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Spine Injury Causes

A spine injury can be caused by any incident that causes the spine to bend, break, or otherwise be affected by extreme movement or force. In many cases, the events that result in spine injuries are caused by another person’s negligence.

A spine injury may be caused by incidents such as:

Spine Injury Symptoms and Complications

A spine injury can cause a variety of symptoms, depending on what part of the spine has been affected and how severely. Pain and paralysis are some of the most significant risks of spine injuries. A spine injury can cause full or partial paralysis, which can leave a victim permanently unable to return to their life as it was pre-injury. The spine’s connection to nerve networks throughout the body can also lead to damage in the organs, muscles, and bones. A person who has sustained a spine injury may experience limited or lost organ functionality or experience movement and motor coordination issues. Other complications may include loss of sensation throughout the body, low blood pressure and circulatory issues, and trouble breathing.

The extensive impact of a spine injury is not limited to physical effects. Spine injuries are often very severe, and an injury’s effect on a patient’s ability to work, enjoy activities, or live how they did before they were injured can result in significant emotional distress. A person who is living with a spine injury may experience anxiety and depression.

Treatment for a Spine Injury

Treating a spine injury often requires attentive pain management and assistance with mobility issues. Depending on the needs of a patient, medications, the use of medical devices, surgery, in-home care, and physical therapy may be required.

Regardless of the type of treatment a spine injury victim may need, patients and their families are often left with substantial medical bills. Additionally, people who are unable to work because of their injury lose wages while they recover, contributing to greater expenses. Spine injuries can be fatal, resulting in additional costs such as funeral and burial expenses. In any case, these injuries can cause significant non-economic damages for the victims and their families. It is the goal of the The Attkisson Law Firm team to recover compensation for all of these damages and protect the rights of the injured.

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