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The negligence of one person can cause a lifetime of struggle for an injury victim. Burn injuries are a significant example of this. A person who sustains a burn injury because of another person’s negligence can experience long-term pain and suffering, and financial distress.

If you or a loved one has sustained a burn injury, we offer our condolences and support. We can help you identify who is responsible for the injury, so you can recover the compensation you deserve. Our burn injury attorneys in Dayton are available to discuss the details of your case.

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Types of Burn Injuries and Causes

Burn injuries can be caused by a variety of incidents, including car accidents, work accidents, and other events that often result from negligence. Although most people commonly think of heat burns when they think of burn injuries, burns can also be caused by electricity, friction, radiation, chemicals, and other elements.

Burn Injury Degrees of Severity

When a burn injury occurs, it is classified into a degree of severity. There are four degrees of burn severity, with fourth degree burns being the worst. The degrees of severity describe how the burn has damaged the skin, muscles, bones, and nerves in the affected area, in addition to the way in which the burn may appear.

Burn injuries are classified into one of the following degrees of severity:

  • First degree burns — First degree burns are the least severe type of burn. A first degree burn may be caused by touching the stove and quickly pulling your hand away, for example. First degree burns are mildly painful, and may cause the skin to appear red.
  • Second degree burns — Second degree burns are the degree in which blisters begin to form on the skin. The first layer of skin is damaged by a second degree burn, and the affected area may look red, shiny, and swollen.
  • Third degree burns — Third degree burns damage multiple layers of skin and the nerves in the affected area. Skin that has been burned in the third degree may appear black, white, brown, or yellow.
  • Fourth degree burns — In cases of fourth degree burns, each layer of skin is affected. The burn may impact the muscles and bones as well. These are the most severe types of burns.

Burn Injury Treatment and Damages

The treatment that a burn injury requires will depend on the type of burn and its severity. A person who has sustained a more severe burn injury may require medication, therapies, or surgery to treat the injury, repair the affected area, and manage their symptoms. Treatment for a burn injury can be long-term and may involve several procedures.

The damages that result from a burn injury may include medical bills, lost wages, and funeral expenses in cases of fatal burns. People who have sustained burn injuries and their families often experience significant non-economic damages as well.

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