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How to Vet a Dog Bite Attorney in Dayton Ohio

Most people never imagine that they would be the victim of a dog attack and many of those who are bitten often have no idea about how to proceed. The majority of victims of dog bites tend to be unaware of laws surrounding such cases and therefore don't know that they should be consulting with an expert dog bite attorney in Dayton Ohio or elsewhere.

The Law Concerning Dog Bites and Attack Cases

A number of states employ the "one bite rule" which provides dog owners a degree of protection from injury liability if the attacking dog was a first time offender and if the owner had no reason to suspect their dog might be dangerous.

In Ohio however, a specific statue was put in place to hold the owner "strictly liable" for the actions of their dog regardless of the animal's history and past behavior. The statue specifically states that, 'The owner, keeper or harbourer of a dog is liable for damages involving person injury, death, or loss to a property or person that is caused by the dog'.

Complex Legalities Every Dog Bite Attorney in Dayton Ohio Knows

The legalities surrounding dogs and dog bite attacks are generally more nuanced and complex than many people realize. In many cases, the injuries sustained by victims are serious and often lead to exorbitant medical bills and high levels of emotional turmoil.

A dog needn't actually bite you for the owner to be held liable. If the animal lunges and you fall, injuring yourself in the process, you are entitled to pursue avenues for compensation. With the assistance of a dog bite attorney in Dayton Ohio, many victims are able to recover the damages sustained in and pertaining to the event.

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