5 Ways for Truckers to Combat Fatigue

Truckers in Ohio are no doubt aware that fatigue can raise their risk for a crash. Stress, long hours behind the wheel, and a consequent lack of sleep and exercise all contribute to truckers' fatigue, putting them and others in danger. In fact, the U.S. DoT calls fatigue a leading factor in large truck crashes.

There area few ways that truckers can, in general, deal with fatigue. First is to reconsider one's sleep schedule and try to fit in naps in order to achieve the desired six to eight hours of sleep every day. The second way is to improve one's diet. Rather than eat fast food, they should eat a tuna or chicken sandwich, and rather than eat a doughnut, they should eat a bagel or an English muffin. Junk food does nothing for the body beyond giving a "sugar rush".

The third way is to limit the consumption of alcohol and coffee. Alcohol is a depressant, and those with coffee tolerance need more and more of the drink to stay awake. The fourth way complements the third: drinking plenty of water. Dehydration leads to drowsiness as well as headaches and muscle cramps. Tuckers should pay attention to how their environment affects them. For example, the bouncing and jarring of the truck's interior can do a lot to fatigue them.

Drowsy driving can lead to serious accidents that result in catastrophic injuries to occupants of other vehicles. Injured victims might need extensive medical care and treatment, during which they are unable to return to work. They might want to have an attorney's assistance when seeking compensation for their losses.


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