How Can My Dog Bite Attorney Show Negligence?

It is not uncommon for individuals to be bitten by a dog, whether it belongs to a friend or a stranger. Not all dog-bite situations are alike or approached the same way, so it is important to know the differences in each situation. Although some cases are extreme and random, others happen because of negligence. It is absolutely vital that your Dayton dog bite attorney knows how to determine if the bite was due to negligence or not.

Communicate the Circumstance

First, it is important to determine under what circumstances the bite took place. Communicating the occurrence accurately and in a detailed manner to your attorney is vital to presenting your case. However, if the dog was not appropriately chained fenced or, seemingly uncared for, further investigation should take place. Details are very important in putting together cases like this.

Get Proof of the Crime Scene

Make specific notes as to where the incident took place. If it was around the dog owner's yard, take note of whether there are posts for chains, whether the dog was chained up, fenced up, or anything of the like at the time of the circumstance. If the scene happened on some random street, it is a lot more difficult to know without interviewing others. Taking pictures of the area can also help.

Talk to the Witnesses

Last, it is vital to talk to other witnesses if there are any. They will be able to back up your story and help the lawyer prove your case. It gives a lot of support for your story. If you have suffered a dog bite due to the negligence of an owner, hire a Dayton dog bite attorney today.


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