How a Premises Liability Attorney in Preble County OH Can Help

Premises liability refers to personal injury cases that involve a customer, visitor, guest, or other person entering a property who is injured while on property owned by someone else. When businesses and other property owners fail to warn guests of dangerous conditions on the property or take the necessary steps to remedy such conditions, a premises liability attorney in Preble County OH may be able to help. A premises liability attorney in Preble County OH may provide the following assistance:

Proving Negligence

While you may be injured on someone's property, you may not know what actually led to the injury. Premises liability cases may arise from injuries caused by slips and falls, wet floors, improper maintenance, icy sidewalks, inadequate security, or uneven sidewalks.

In order to recover, you have the responsibility of showing the property owner's negligence led to the injury. A premises liability attorney may conduct a thorough investigation of the underlying causes of your accident. This may consist of analyzing certain evidence, such as records that show how often a store inspects an area that may have dangerous conditions on it, such as water or produce. It may also consist of completing formal discovery requests in order to get more information about the accident.


A premises liability attorney should understand the delicate balance between the likelihood of settlement and the ability to pursue a case in court. Many cases will settle before going to trial by the sheer volume of cases. However, a conscientious lawyer should negotiate aggressively for your maximum recovery. Additionally, he or she should be prepared to pursue the case with a trial if necessary.

Evaluating the Case

Simply because there was an injury that does not mean there is a case. A premises liability attorney can meet with you and determine if you have a viable case that is predicated on negligence. He or she can then discuss your options regarding recovering for your injuries.

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