Most Common Causes of Auto Accidents

rear-end accident

The world's first automobile-related fatality occurred in 1896 in London. Since then there have been many, many auto accidents as cars became faster, and people became used to them. Over 25 million people have died in auto accidents since that time. Below you will find some common causes of auto accidents in Dayton, Ohio so that you can avoid them by driving sensibly and safely.

Being Distracted

It is estimated that somewhere between 20 to 25 percent of all auto accidents are caused by drivers who are distracted. Everything from tuning the radio to yelling at the children in the back seat has been known to cause horrible auto accidents.

Drinking and Driving

The statistics for drunk driving auto accidents are so overwhelming it makes no sense. Drinking and Driving is one common cause of auto accidents that can be prevented by simply not getting behind the wheel and pulling out of the driveway.

Bad Weather

Everything from high winds to fog and from rain to snow has been responsible for auto accidents in the past. Unlike drinking and driving, the weather cannot be controlled. Your best bet is to stay home if at all possible and if not to pull over to the side of the road if the weather is too bad to see in front of you.


Speeding is a common cause of auto accidents because it reduces the time you have to avoid a crash when you see it coming. The best way to avoid an auto accident from speeding is not to speed, to begin with.

These are some of the most common causes of auto accidents today. Many can be avoided altogether, and some just take a little more concentration.


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