Tips for Preventing Vehicle Accidents with Multiple Cars

Multicar pileups in Dayton can be some of the most serious and devastating auto accidents out there.  According to the Centers for Disease Control, car crashes are a leading cause of death and injury across America.  While following safety tips is not guaranteed you will be completely prevented from winding up in an accident, it can help to increase your chances of safety.

One of the most basic tips to follow to prevent auto accident indeed is to follow the speed limit.  Speed limits are posted for a reason, and failing to adhere to one can cost you in terms of tickets, but it can also be a deadly mistake that leads to a car accident.  The faster your car is traveling, the longer it takes to stop it completely.  If you crash at a high rate of speed, the impact the greater as a result of the increased momentum.

Second, limit any distractions that you have while you are operating the vehicle.  Cell phones, talking to other drivers, listening to a book on CD, or even changing the radio may seem like small distractions.  Engaging in these behaviors on a regular basis, however, pulls your focus from the road and increases the chances that you could end up in a serious auto accident.  Reinforce these rules not only for yourself but for all drivers in your family.

Finally, make sure to take extra precautions at extreme weather.  Heavy rain or snow in Ohio can significantly inhibit your ability to see the roadway, and it’s a good idea to always slow down and make use of your lights in these conditions.  Being able to judge the roadways and appropriate safety adjustments arecritical tips for reducing the chances of multi-car pileups.