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How Can My Dog Bite Attorney Show Negligence?

It is not uncommon for individuals to be bitten by a dog, whether it belongs to a friend or a stranger. Not all dog-bite situations are alike, or approached the same way, so it is important to know the differences in each situation. Although some cases are extreme and random, others happen because of negligence. It is absolutely vital that your Dayton dog bite attorney knows how to determine if the bite was due to negligence or not. Communicate the Circumstance First, it is important to determine under what circumstances the bite took place. Communicating the occurrence accurately and in a detailed manner to your attorney is vital to presenting... Read More

Who is Responsible for My Bills After a Dog Bite?

Under Ohio laws, if a dog bites another individual, the dog’s owner is responsible for the medical bills that follow.  Unless you were teasing or tormenting the dog or trespassing on property, the dog’s owner can be found responsible for payment of your bills. Most dog bites happen on or near your home, which can make for an awkward situation when a neighbor alleges an attack.  The majority of dog bite victims are children who may suffer physical and emotional consequences when they are attacked.  As a parent, it can be difficult and confusing to determine the best course of action, but you need to consult with a Dayton dog... Read More

How to Vet a Dog Bite Attorney in Dayton Ohio

Most people never imagine that they would be the victim of a dog attack and many of those who are bitten often have no idea about how to proceed. The majority of victims of dog bites tend to be unaware of laws surrounding such cases and therefore don’t know that they should be consulting with an expert dog bite attorney in Dayton Ohio or elsewhere. The Law Concerning Dog Bites and Attack Cases A number of states employ the “one bite rule” which provides dog owners a degree of protection from injury liability if the attacking dog was a first time offender and if the owner had no reason to... Read More
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