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Tips from a Dog Bite Attorney in Miami County OH

You may have heard expressions such as the “one-bite rule” or “scienter” in relation to injuries caused by a dog bite. A dog bite attorney in Miami County OH can explain these legal terms and whether they apply to Ohio cases. Additionally, a dog bite attorney in Miami County OH can assess your case to determine the best legal strategy to pursue compensation for your dog bite injury. One-Bite Rule A dog bite attorney can begin the discussion of dog bite injury claims by explaining that this rule does NOT apply to Ohio cases. This rule is founded on the belief that a dog owner knows that his or her... Read More

Is it Too Late to Hire a Dog Bite Attorney in Dayton Ohio?

Being bit by a dog can be a very traumatizing experience, if you feel like you need the services of a dog bite attorney in Dayton Ohio, you might not be sure whether or not it is too late to hire a dog bite attorney, especially in cases where you might have decided against it right away. You should know that hiring a dog bite attorney in Dayton Ohio is a very easy process that may be able to help you receive the compensation that you deserve after such traumatizing experience. Dog owners are responsible for keeping their dogs constrained in order to avoid dog bites and injuries to people... Read More

Should I Try to Work Things Out Privately Before Hiring a Dog Bite Attorney?

After being bitten by a dog there is the big decision if you should work everything out privately or if you should retain an attorney. The benefits and disadvantages of filing a claim can impact not only your relationship with the owner but the fate of the animal. So, when looking for an attorney in Dayton Ohio to handle a dog bite, here are a few things to consider. When handling a dog bite injury privately you are running the risk of not getting the results you want. Without a lawyer you may not see any payments for your hospital injuries. Any private matter could possibly lead nowhere without backing... Read More

Tips for Helping Your Child Heal Emotionally After a Dog Bite

It’s every parent’s nightmare—one moment your child is petting your neighbor’s dog and the next you are dealing with a dog bite and the medical and emotional trauma that comes when a dog owner is not responsible or is careless with a dangerous animal. Animal bites can be traumatic for young children and can lead to anxiety, fear, restlessness and even acting out as their young brains struggle to work through the stress and emotional toll an attack can take. Should you or a loved be faced with helping a child recover from an animal bite, consult with a Dayton, Ohio dog bite attorney to help you recover from this... Read More

How to Help Your Child Cope With a Dog Bite

If a dog has recently bitten your child, you are both probably confused and hurting. The first thing you need to do is contact a dog bite attorney in Dayton, Ohio to see what recourse you have in the legal department. You also need to help you child cope with the dog bite, because you do not want him to be afraid of dogs for the rest of his life. Below, find some tips for helping your child cope with a dog bite emotionally. Have Your Child Assessed It is of the upmost importance that you have your child assessed to see how much trauma the dog has caused. It... Read More
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