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Summer: The Busiest Time for Motorcycle Accidents

While the freedom riding a motorcycle brings can be exhilarating, most motorcyclists will tell you that they understand they are facing higher accident risks. In the United States, the average for fatal automobile accidents is 13.10 fatal crashes per 100,000 vehicles. But when you are operating a motorcycle, suddenly that figure jumps to 72.34 per 100,000 vehicles according to the National Highway Transportation & Safety Administration. Whether you drive a cruiser, a speedster or a station wagon, there are a few things to keep in mind this summer to keep cars, motorcycles and their drivers safe out there: Wear protective gear Drivers, make sure you are outfitted in helmet and... Read More

Most Common Causes of Auto Accidents

The world's first automobile related fatality occurred in 1896 in London. Since then there have been many, many auto accidents as cars became faster, and people became used to them. Over 25 million people have died in auto accidents since that time. Below you will find some common causes of auto accidents in Dayton, Ohio so that you can avoid them by driving sensibly and safely. Being Distracted It is estimated that somewhere between 20 to 25 percent of all auto accidents are caused by drivers who are distracted. Everything from tuning the radio to yelling at the children in the back seat has been known to cause horrible auto... Read More

Distracted Driving and Motorcycle Accidents

It has been known for many years that distracted motorists are the main cause of motorcycle accidents on the roadways. Motorists get distracted by everything from children to texting on cell phones and fail to see the motorcycle in front of or beside them. If you have been in a motorcycle accident due to a motorist being distracted, you need to contact a Dayton Ohio motorcycle accident attorney as soon as possible to get fair representation. Research that goes back for more than 30 years shows that motorcycles are just not seen or that motorists are concentrating on bigger things on the road and completely miss the motorcycles in their... Read More

Does it Matter Who is At Fault in an Ohio Auto Accident?

Auto accidents in Dayton are regulated under the Ohio road rules & regulations handbook and while all states have hard limits on the statue of limitations regarding lawsuits in a civil court of law, In the State of Ohio, this limit is only 2 years from the date of the injury before the statute of limitation runs out and claims are no longer accepted. If you have been injured in a car accident in Dayton, it is possible that you may have grounds for a personal injury suit. However, what happens when the person that you are trying to hold responsible for your injuries claims that you are at fault?... Read More

How Does Bad Weather Impact the Risk for Motorcycle Accidents?

If you are a motorcycle driver in Dayton, you probably already know that bad weather conditions such as rain, snow, extreme winds and hail can affect your ability to ride, unfortunately this could end up in an accident. A recent report conducted by the National Highway Traffic Administration found out that people who ride motorcycles are 35 times more likely to suffer an accident than those who drive cars. If you add the factor of inclement weather to the already dangerous riding conditions, you can identify a recipe for disaster. Driving in bad weather brings a new challenge to a rider, who must adapt his driving style and take the... Read More
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