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What Damages Are Available in A Personal Injury Case?

If you find yourself injured due to someone else’s carelessness or negligence, you may feel overwhelmed by medical bills, lost time at work and emotional pain and suffering. Bills might be coming due and you could potentially deal with a domino-effect of consequences should you lose your job or be unable to work while you recuperate from your issues. If you or a loved one is in this situation, the first step to take is to find yourself a Dayton, Ohio personal injury lawyer with the experience to help you navigate these tricky legal waters. At The Attkisson Law Firm, LLC we can help you get the compensation you deserve.... Read More

How Often Does Distracted Driving Cause Auto Accidents?

According to, the U.S. Government’s official website dedicated to increasing public awareness of the dangers of distracted driving, 3,154 people were killed in motor vehicle crashes involving distracted drivers in 2013. And while that figure is sobering, the fact that 424,000 people were injured in similar crashes involving distracted drivers should drive the point home that concentrating on anything but the road while driving is a dangerous gamble. Distracted driving can include any of the following: Texting Using a cell phone or smartphone Eating and drinking Talking to passengers Grooming Reading, including maps Using a navigation system Watching a video Adjusting a radio, CD player, or MP3 player And... Read More

Summer: The Busiest Time for Motorcycle Accidents

While the freedom riding a motorcycle brings can be exhilarating, most motorcyclists will tell you that they understand they are facing higher accident risks. In the United States, the average for fatal automobile accidents is 13.10 fatal crashes per 100,000 vehicles. But when you are operating a motorcycle, suddenly that figure jumps to 72.34 per 100,000 vehicles according to the National Highway Transportation & Safety Administration. Whether you drive a cruiser, a speedster or a station wagon, there are a few things to keep in mind this summer to keep cars, motorcycles and their drivers safe out there: Wear protective gear Drivers, make sure you are outfitted in helmet and... Read More

Tips for Helping Your Child Heal Emotionally After a Dog Bite

It’s every parent’s nightmare—one moment your child is petting your neighbor’s dog and the next you are dealing with a dog bite and the medical and emotional trauma that comes when a dog owner is not responsible or is careless with a dangerous animal. Animal bites can be traumatic for young children and can lead to anxiety, fear, restlessness and even acting out as their young brains struggle to work through the stress and emotional toll an attack can take. Should you or a loved be faced with helping a child recover from an animal bite, consult with a Dayton, Ohio dog bite attorney to help you recover from this... Read More