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How to Vet a Dog Bite Attorney in Dayton Ohio

Most people never imagine that they would be the victim of a dog attack and many of those who are bitten often have no idea about how to proceed. The majority of victims of dog bites tend to be unaware of laws surrounding such cases and therefore don’t know that they should be consulting with an expert dog bite attorney in Dayton Ohio or elsewhere. The Law Concerning Dog Bites and Attack Cases A number of states employ the “one bite rule” which provides dog owners a degree of protection from injury liability if the attacking dog was a first time offender and if the owner had no reason to... Read More

Guide to Selecting a Dayton Ohio Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Motorcycle accidents ending in injury are quite often a serious matter. If police officers are called to attend the scene, they may be reluctant to cite the driver in situations where sufficient conclusions cannot be drawn based on physical evidence alone and the matter boils down to “he said/she said.” Under these circumstances, just because the driver has not been found to be at fault doesn’t preclude you from seeking damages and making a claim for your injuries. Why Hire a Dayton Ohio Motorcycle Accident Attorney? The state of Ohio is considered a “Fault State” and does not recognize a serious injury threshold. This means that if you are involved... Read More

Seeking Recompense for Auto Accidents in Dayton Ohio

Leading the way in personal injury claims are accidents caused by automobiles on U.S. roadways. They are an unfortunate aspect of today’s fast-paced modern lifestyle but these accidents can leave victims with any number of serious injuries including lost wages, exorbitant medical fees and in extreme cases, permanent disability. As a victim you have the right to pursue legal action and seek compensation for these damages. If your insurance company decides it will not pay the full amount, or will not pay any amount, you should consult with an attorney experienced in auto accidents in Dayton Ohio or elsewhere. Shared Fault Involving Auto Accidents in Dayton Ohio As can be... Read More

Dayton OH Personal Injury Lawyers Experienced in Quantifying Damages

Personal injury represents a broad area in the practice of law and occurs when one party comes to physical and/or emotional injury at the fault or negligence of another. Due to the intricacies of cause and effect in most personal injury claims, quantifying damages can quickly become a difficult task. When a person causes harm to another, indirectly or otherwise, claiming personal injury can compel the negligent party to pay recompense for the victim’s lost wages, medical bills, pain and suffering and other damages. Procedure of Filing a Personal Injury Suit The crux of any personal injury case lies in determining, and subsequently allocating liability. Once blame has been established... Read More